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1. Download one of our 2 SUPERHERO Templates:

2. After you finish your drawing, please email a picture of it to the email linked here:

3. To email directly:


Email the picture to:


- Make the Subject:

Superhero Project: Submission

- Tell us a bit about your Superhero!

(Our website does not currently allow file sharing, we apologies for the inconvenience and we are working to streamline the process)

4. Once we get your drawing you will receive an Email that says that your superhero will be entered into all upcoming weekly lotteries. We currently choose 1-2 winners each week and will recreate their superhero in an exciting way.

Don't want to wait? Want your drawing now?! No Worries! Go to Our

UPGRADE YOUR SUPERHERO Page and get our pro artists on the job today!

If you are Under 12 years of age, Please ask your parents permission before sending us your drawings.

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