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To help support our fun project, and for those who want their superheroes right away (And skip what might be a long wait in the lottery) we offer the Upgraded Superhero option. For 25 dollars (plus shipping), we will take your submission, set you up with one of our artists and get you your superhero drawing within a week. Your drawing will be shared in our Gallery and be available for any future projects we create. This option is for those who want their characters now and we thank those who do it, as it allows us to create more characters at a faster rate.  

1. Download one of our 2 SUPERHERO Templates:

2. After You Finish Your Drawing. Please email a picture of it to the Submission Page Here:

3. To send it directly, email the drawing to:


- Subject: Superhero Project: Upgrade Submission

- Tell us a bit about Your Superhero! Let us know that you want an Upgraded Superhero and your artist will respond right away with payment options and when to expect the drawing.

(Our website does not currently allow file sharing, we apologies for the inconvenience and we are working to streamline the process)

If you are Under 12 years of age, Please ask your parents permission before sending us your drawings.

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